What to Expect From Your Chiropractor

What exactly is a chiropractor? Like most medical doctors, a chiropractor is a chiropractic doctor who has received an undergraduate degree in health sciences and specializes in studying and diagnosing chiropractic disorders. Huntington Beach Chiropractors specialize in particular areas of chiropractic medicine or perform all of a chiropractor’s tasks. A chiropractor can treat the musculoskeletal system, the nervous system, the cardiovascular system, or the psychiatric system. Chiropractors can also perform therapeutic procedures to help their patients manage pain and improve their functioning.

Who should get a chiropractic exam? To determine if you are a good candidate for chiropractic care, you will need to get one of these tests done. Your medical history, the severity of your symptoms, your current level of health, and how your symptoms affect your daily life should be considered when scheduling your chiropractic exam. Your chiropractor will look at your spine’s functioning, which may not be the cause of your pain or discomfort. Your medical history will include information about any previous or present medical conditions that may have affected your postures, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, asthma, cancer, and stroke.

Do headaches cause your neck to hurt? Spinal manipulation and chiropractic spinal adjustments can help relieve pain caused by a sore neck, and other common headaches may include tension headaches, migraine headaches, cluster headaches, and others. Some of these conditions can worsen if not properly treated and controlled. If your chiropractor determines that your headaches are the result of your spinal cord structure and function, he or she can help you find ways to correct this through chiropractic care.

Are you having difficulty with your legs? Poor posture and lack of exercise can lead to back pain, a.k.a. lumbar pain, or even chronic low back pain. A chiropractor may recommend using exercise programs and modifications to improve your posture and strengthen your core muscles to minimize your chances of developing chronic pain from your back.

Do you experience nausea after eating or drinking something? A Huntington Beach Chiropractor can help you achieve complete body alignment by adjusting your spinal bones and soft tissues both inside and outside your spine. This technique is called a subluxation and can relieve pain by manipulating specific joints or vertebrae. Your chiropractor will first do a thorough exam to assess the problem areas in your spine. Then he or she will schedule an adjustment or two to help you obtain better alignment and relieve pain.

Is your health insurance company paying for most of your visits? Many health insurance companies cover chiropractic visits, but they often require a primary care physician referral. If you have a pre-existing medical history of back or neck pain, arthritis, or other musculoskeletal problems, your primary care doctor may refer you to a chiropractor for care. Your chiropractor may work with your primary care doctor to create a payment plan that meets your needs. However, since many chiropractors work independently, you may be responsible for part or all of your care costs.

Are you feeling comfortable and having a great time? Ask yourself whether or not you feel like you are “put to sleep” when your chiropractor applies a sudden force into one of your joints. You may be afraid of what will happen if you experience a stroke or a mild anaphylactic shock. Chiropractors are trained to handle such fears and make you feel at ease. If your chiropractor does not allow you to discuss these issues, find another practitioner. It is essential to understand your chiropractor’s services well to make an informed decision.