Hand Surgery Preparations

Hand and wrist conditions can be treated with some medications and exercises. However, there are certain severity that could only be fixed by surgery. There are things to consider when you are about to undergo a hand surgery: the doctor’s level of expertise, the clinic, the hospital, the surgery itself, the costs, and the recovery.

When you are about to undergo a hand surgery, there are many things to take in consideration to prepare for the procedure and post-surgery. Your doctor will provide you with certain instructions and reminders for your hand surgery in Georgia. Make sure to take note of your doctor’s advice and also your limited mobility after the surgery so that you are able to have a convenient and stress free recovery.

Stock Up Medicines and Basic Necessities 

Since you may have limited mobility after surgery, it is highly suggested that you stock up medication, pain relievers, vitamins, maintenance meds, and any other pills that you need. Go grocery shopping for your foods, household items, and personal essentials beforehand in order for you to have a hassle-free time at home after surgery.

Appointments and Work Commitments

While healing, you may not want to get stressed from incomplete work commitments and being absent on your scheduled appointments. Give a timeframe of the estimated duration of your recovery and within this period, make sure that you have attended earlier or postponed important appointments, informed your boss or employees in advance of the surgery so they could also prepare, and finish your tasks in advance. It is a great idea to release yourself from any heavy tasks and stress so that you heal quickly. 

Have an Extra Set of Hands

Even if your hand surgery is just a minor one or was done only on one hand, you will still have a challenging time doing certain tasks. This is where help comes in. Since you will have limited mobility afterwards and will likely be in pain, having a friend, a family member, or a helper help you with household chores and driving is recommended. This is also important especially if you have pets. You will really need assistance in taking care of your pets after surgery so someone who will help you feed, bathe, walk, and bring your dog to pet grooming is a good idea.


Your hand doctor will prescribe you with exercises that you should carry out after surgery in order to hasten its healing. These types of exercises improve your hand flexibility and strength and eventually to its normal function. Make sure that you do these exercises according to your level of readiness and pain tolerance. You do not want to overdo an exercise after a surgery. 

Find the right doctor for a hand surgery in Georgia

Choosing the best hand doctor will ensure the improvement of your condition, the success of your treatment, and a quick and healthy healing. If you are looking for a competent, trustworthy, and compassionate surgeon in Georgia, Dr. Gregory Kolovich is your best choice. Dr. Kolovich is an award-winning orthopedic surgery specialist specializing in the hand, wrist, and elbow. Considered as the Best Hand Microsurgery Doctor, Dr. Kolovich has proven to be a topnotch doctor with the amazing patient feedback on Healthgrades and Vitals, the recognitions he has received, and by being the President of the Georgia Society for Surgery of the Hand.

Now more than ever, you can rest easy knowing that you are going to have a stress-free and easy hand surgery recovery!