Ways to Use Olive Oils in Cooking

Are you wondering about the ways in which olive oils can be utilized in cooking ideas, the necessary temperature scale for it, the flavours it would add, etc.?

Don’t bother anymore, you have likely stumbled upon the desired and useful page regarding your queries over cooking with olive oils. In this article, we are going to highlight some beautiful tips and ways to work with olive oils in cooking to get the best of their aroma, flavours and health advantages.

Without wasting any further times, let’s dive in!

  1. Salad Dressing

Extra Virgin Oils or virgin oils are better uncooked or cooked partially over low-medium temperatures. Refined olive oils and light olive oils can however be cooked to higher temperatures. You can add the to the list by using olive oils with Salads. Drizzle the uncooked extra virgin oil and fuse them well. Serve with delight!

  • Appetizer

If you have been foraging a good appetizer to add richness to your foods, don’t miss out on olive oils. To begin with, toast some baguette slices along with broiler, rub them lightly with a cut clove of garlic, and sprinkle a little drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

  • With Potatoes

If you’ve readily been espousing butter to use with cooked, boiled or mashed potatoes, this time give it a chance with olive oil as a far better substitute.

All you have to do is; merge and whip the processed potatoes with a proportion of roasted garlic and drizzle olive oil in the end. The recipe proves to be exotic in flavours and aroma with unparalleled health benefits.

  • İn Sauces

Olive oils are suitable to be used with preparation of sauces to thrash out the delightfulness in your recipes that go with sauces.

Whipping the sauces is necessary to emulsify the ingredients and to further enable the gentle intermixing of water ingredients with the olive oil to provide a smooth and frothy texture.

  • With Meat and Chicken

Take chicken breast slices or meat and grease evenly with olive oils, you can use fine virgin olive oils for this. After greasing, treat with seasonings and allow it to grill to lock in the juices and spices. The outer crust will be thinner yet crispy and crunchy when munched on.

  • Baking

This is the vast and varied space of cooking with respect to olive oils. Olive oils in baking recipes substitute for butter, for the better. Extra virgin olive oils can almost be used with any sweet foods and desert buffets.

The significance of using olive oils here is that it draws focus to the prevention of accumulation of fats in the capillaries and reduce heart risks by lowering cholesterol and preventing further build up. Secondly, the flavours reach a high scale of taste and aroma is fabulous. Moreover, the texture of the baked foods is more to the fluffy side with the use of olive oils.

When there are such many merits and no loss, why not just go for olive oils in place of butter, at the same price or slightly higher which won’t much impact anyway?

Yeah, we are at the same pages. Olive oils have no limitations to be used with any cooking ingredient and have rich health benefit that you’d probably yearn to have. We hope you try the above alluded ways of cooking with olive oils and they can pass your preference test and won’t disappoint you. Thanks!