4 Reasons You May Be Feeling Sluggish

If you’re feeling like you just can’t seem to wake up in the morning, then you’re not alone. As many as three out of four adults say that they are lacking energy on a daily basis. For some people the reason may be obvious— lack of sleep.

Yet, for others, the reason may be a mystery. If you’re not sure why you’re feeling tired, then here are some of the most likely reasons. “Most use Modafinil to feel more alert & have an energy & brain boost.”


In our younger years, we can easily sleep 14 hours in a row without moving an inch. Sleep comes to us easily and consistently. However, as we get older, our sleep rhythms start to change. Even though we may think that the older we get the more tired we get, the truth is that the older we get the harder it can be to fall asleep and stay asleep. 

If you notice that your sleep habits start changing after a certain age, you should consider establishing a more rigorous nighttime routine. The body responds to routine, and you can start to train yourself to fall asleep at a certain hour by following the same schedule and habits.

Vitamin Deficiency

In some cases, the problem may be a result of your nutrition. If you are lacking certain vitamins and nutrients, it can lead to feeling fatigued. The best way to determine if your exhaustion is a result of a lack of vitamins is to get a blood test. Your doctor will be able to determine whether vitamin deficiency is the cause, and what you should start incorporating into your diet.

High Stress

If you experience high levels of stress in your professional or personal life, it could be affecting your sleep habits. When your brain is on high alert, we go into fight or flight mode, and it prevents us from being able to enter a deep sleep. 

Even if we do fall asleep our dreams may be affected by our stress, and our quality of sleep is compromised. Although stress is often temporary, it could lead to something more serious, like chronic anxiety. 

It’s important that you nip stress in the bud as soon as possible by practicing different techniques from deep breathing to meditation. While you may not be able to eliminate stress entirely from your life, you can control your reaction to it. The more you learn to cope with stress and find peace even in chaotic situations, the more you’ll feel at ease in general.

Too Much Coffee

Even though we may think that coffee is helping us feel more awake, the truth is that too much coffee could be leaving us feeling fatigued. In truth, caffeine gives you an energy boost temporarily, but ultimately leads to overstimulation, and eventually an energy crash. 

Studies show that you should never have more than two cups of coffee a day, and never after mid morning or it could inhibit your sleep at night.